About Al-Yashmac

The name Al-Yashmak ... is the cover of the Arab woman’s face, which reflects both the true identity of Bin Samhan’s designs and the Arab heritage .. Jadeite remains the history and love that the beautiful bottles will not forget as an alphabet of heritage and contemporary .. and which will never be forgotten in history.

Al-Yashmak Company

A woman's imagination comes true

Story of al Yashmac
Yashmac is an old Arabic word meaning ``khimar or burqa``. Al-Yashmac Company was established in 1981 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and a leading brand became famous this year, the ideal company for Arab women holding and Sheila. Since its inception, Al-Yashmak has set a clear goal in mind, which is to match traditional clothes with modern fashion. Every piece we have exudes elegance that can bring with you bold, trendy beverages. We always strive to brighten women's lives with high-quality, fashionable clothes at the same time.